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Professional Services

Web Application Server Setup:  We can recommend and help you to choose a server according to the operational requirements of your organization. We will install Windows Server® operating system to your server. We can setup Microsoft Exchange®, intranet, and website of your organization. We will interconnect your office computers, peripherals and mobile devices to your server. We will achieve you to be efficient in your operations using technology.

Digitization and Intranet setup:  Archiving historical documents remains a challenge. We can help to guide you which among the paper documents be as-is and be digitized. We store the digital documents in an organized digital folder system through a network storage. We will interconnect your computers and mobile devices. You can look and view your then-paper-but-now-digital documents quickly, just like you use google.

Wired and Wi-Fi Networking (design, performance metrics, and implementation):  We will provide you analysis of your current network. We will assess the computers, peripherals and devices connecting to the network. We will identify the potentials to boost signal strength and the connection interferences. We will give you recommendations to boost your efficiency and productivity.

Support Services

Computer Systems Configuration and Maintenance:  We can provide you periodic maintenance of your servers, computers and peripherals to protect from depreciation and as well as hack intrusions. We can provide you quote estimates.

Message from JARNetwork

We can gladly give you free diagnostics. You may just need a quick fix of that computer(s), which we can gladly provide free of charge. Our company slogan is connecting our lives to yours. Yes, we would love to connect because we would like you to get your money’s worth from your investments on that purchase of your technology devices. You may have fallen into the usual pitfall. You drooled with the latest technology, and maybe about to the latest and greatest technology. We can advise you to make that smart decision whether that plan of purchase is justifiable or I can do something to maximize your current equipment. We can checkup and analyze your office computers and your network. We will provide you a performance report which details

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